How to get BankJob in Dubai (2019)

banking jobs in Dubai

Banking-Job in Dubai can be a challenge to get hold of, but the bank of the industry in Dubai is growing rapidly and has no sign of slowing down. With Dubai strategically repositioning itself as a financial hub for the Middle-Eastern world, and as infrastructure grows to accommodate an increase in international traffic, demand for global.

Bank Job in Dubai

With banks recovering from the Global Financial Crisis and starting to ‘test the waters’ in new areas, now is a great time to be on the lookout for a Banking-Job in Dubai.

Successfully landing a Banking-Job in Dubai is about three things: networking, negotiation, and reputation. Banks have taken a hammer blow to their collective image in the last decade, and individual banks are keen to separate themselves from the collectively frowned-upon industry.

The clearest and most common way for them to do this is to bolster their individual reputations with dedicated, high-talent, service-oriented staff. With excessive consumption frowned upon in an era of globally tighter belts, don’t expect to be wined and dined as the bank’s court or headhunt you.

Instead, it’s about taking your best game to the banks, and showing them what you can contribute to their success. Throughout the entire process of landing a Banking-Job in Dubai – networking, job hunting, tracking people down, crafting a resume, landing an interview, polishing your qualifications – keep in mind that what you need to be focussing on is the bank’s success.

Corporate Culture, Banks In Dubai, and Networking

Especially as global transactions and staff movement become more common, banks in Dubai want the best employees and aren’t fussy about where they come from.

There is not a deep talent pool of banking graduates within Dubai. If you’re freshly graduated or early on in your career, then there’s a good chance you can snare an entry-level position in a Dubai bank or fiscal company off the strength of third-leg contacts. Ask your teachers, course administrators, and local bank contacts if they have anyone you can talk to in Dubai. A warm introduction opens a lot of doors in this industry.

Expect to need a personal touch. Get on your email or, better, Skype or video conferencing. Don’t underestimate the importance of having people hear your voice and see your face wherever possible.

Anything you can do to differentiate yourself from your (invisible, global) competitors is vital. Having someone recognize you on the third or fourth interaction means that you’ll stick in their minds. Even if you don’t land one job, having a mental ‘foot in the door’ will pay dividends down the road.

Reputation and Bank Job in Dubai

As mentioned before, banks in Dubai are all about gathering reputation. If you come with a good one, you’re more likely to be able to take commanding negotiation approaches and secure yourself the lucrative terms that make working in Dubai so rewarding. Genuinely earned negative reputations are poisonous.

Do everything you can to minimize the chances of this happening. Make amends where possible if you’ve wrongly offended people in the past. News spreads quickly and isn’t contained to one continent or time zone anymore. Even chats in the business lounge at an airport can filter back, so avoid gossip, talk about your competitors as though they were in front of you, and rise above the field.

Make sure that your genuine focus is to improve your employer’s position in the world. Frugality on ones own spending and generous accommodation of others is the expected approach in Dubai. If you’re not familiar with Arabic hospitality, read up on it. Learn some Arabic. Even if you’re not fluent, the gesture will command respect.

Starting Looking For Bank Job in Dubai

The jobs advertised on the Internet are a good start. But like every job field, they’re the visible tip of the iceberg. Realize and work with the knowledge that the vast majority and best of Banking-Job in Dubai go unadvertised, assigned to people under the suggestion of managers, directors, partners, colleagues and HR staff. Get onto those ‘lists’ by cultivating your contacts. Travel to Dubai if possible.

Attend conferences where bankers in your area travel internationally. Be generous with your time and attention, even if you can’t see a dividend being paid out in the future. Reputations and networks grow organically, stickily, and unpredictably. One harsh word or inappropriate behavior can undo a dozen smiles and handshakes, especially if you’re still making your mark.

Be assertive but not annoying in contacting HR firms, headhunting firms, and asking for recommendations. Treat everyone respectfully and well. Receptionists and Pas are gatekeepers, especially in HR, do everything you can to make their lives easier. Understand negotiations and etiquette. Treat your first contract as a stepping stone, and don’t push too hard in initial negotiations. Instead, work for 6 months or a year, prove your worth and get rewarded commensurately.

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