Exciting Careers Opening at American Multinational Company in Dubai

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Exciting Careers Opening at American Multinational Company in Dubai

Exciting Careers Opening at American Multinational Company in Dubai

Are you planning to work in an American Company in Dubai? Do you have an interest in joining the multinational company of Dubai? If you are the one looking for the exciting careers opening at an American Multinational Company in Dubai then this is the right article for you people. Going through the writing you will gain useful information regarding the American companies of Dubai. You can apply for the right job through the effective procedure to have employment in large companies of Dubai. Moreover, moving to Dubai has become the dream of most people from the world.

Every year lots of people are migrating to Dubai to make their career better and develop themselves to skilled personnel. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that consists of half of the population with foreigners. Since the city is short of skilled manpower the employers hire the expertise from the foreign land. The city is popular for its rapid growth in a short period and holds the same spirit for further development of the state. Similarly, because of various employee facilities, more employees are attracted to shift in Dubai for employment. You can upgrade your skills as well as live a standard life working in Dubai.

However, it is quite complex to get a job due to the high competition. But following the right steps will certainly allow you to achieve your goals. Furthermore, the skills that you will gain from there will always support you in the future. Such skills are transferrable and can be useful everywhere you work. Engaging with the top companies in Dubai not only builds up your career but also let you grow and gain the targeted goal of your life.

How to get a job in Dubai? (Exciting careers opening at an American Multinational Company in Dubai)

Exciting Careers Opening at American Multinational Company in Dubai

Getting a job in Dubai is a difficult task especially when you belong to a foreign nation. The government of Dubai gives priority to their citizens and then only to the ex-pats. But due to a lack of skilled and experienced citizens, the companies are recruiting foreign employees. Because of which the majority of people in Dubai belong to different nations of the world. Moreover, you will find a multi-cultural environment in the working environment. Hence, most of the people living in Dubai understand and speak the English language. Having the majority of Muslim people make the city very strict in their laws and rules. Thus, before heading to the state you must get clear information about it so that there won’t come any issues after the arrival.

Additionally, Dubai consists of friendly people who welcome and respect every religion and culture. So, it is vital to understand their religion and follow the rules properly. Otherwise, you may get punished for not following the regulations. There is respect in occupation too hence the employers offer different benefits to their employees. The benefits like free tax income, free food, and accommodation, annual vacations, gratuity pay, free airfare, etc. Such benefits encourage the people and motivate them to enhance their performance. Furthermore, you may be confused about the ways of getting a job in the companies of Dubai. Here we have listed some steps which will assist you to be employed in Dubai:-

  • Get the right visa

The first thing you need to consider while moving to Dubai is receiving the right visa. It is necessary to have a work permit visa before landing in Dubai. It means the employer should offer you occupation and send an offer letter. You will be eligible to move there only after the arrival of an offer letter. You can also go through a tourist visa and seek a job till the expiry of a visa. But there is risk and low chance of finding the job if you head through tourist or visit visa. Hence, firstly you will have to search for the employer and get the permitted visa then only land in Dubai.


  • Receive your health and labor cards

Since health is the greatest wealth the government of Dubai does not allow ex-pats having the diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C, and Tuberculosis, etc. While you are processing your work visa process, you need to get your medical report. It is required to do the necessary examinations from the authorized hospital of your home town. Similarly, you will have to get your labor card which involves sending your passport photos, employment contract, entry visa, medical reports, and labor license to the Ministry of Labor.


  • Study the job market

As there is high competition it is important to know about the job market. You will need to understand the demand and the scope of the chosen job. Depending on your skills and capabilities you should select the job so that you can easily upgrade your career in that field. So, do essential learning and seek a job in the global market. However, the market is really tough but hard labor and efforts will let you get success in every sector.


  • Apply online

Applying online is the most effective way of having a foreign job. You can visit online job sites like www.indeed.comwww.naukrigulf.comwww.gulftalent.com, Khaleej Times Jobs, www.linkedIn.com, Goabroad.com, etc. will assist you to find the latest vacancy of Dubai’s companies. You should submit the required documents and details to the recruiting company online. It is vital to submit all the relevant details so that the employer can be confident about hiring you as their employee.


  • Work on your CV

A resume is the first contact with the hiring manager. It lets the recruiter learn about you before meeting physically. Hence, it is significant to develop a resume in such a way that it attracts the attention of the reader. Furthermore, you will have to insert only the true information that you possess and is capable of performing it. You should create a CV that does not exceed two pages. Since a long CV may make the reader feel bore it should be short and sweet and in a standard format.


  • Build your networks

The network is the most powerful element in today’s world. If you have a strong network you can gain success easily. Moreover, if you have any relatives or friends working in Dubai you can connect with them. Since they are true evidence for the condition and environment of Dubai you can get the information of the organization and the employers. Additionally, they can also aid you by referring you to employers. So, try to collect more referees which will support you to gain the position in the multi-national companies of Dubai.


  • Do not apply if you are not qualified

It is advised that if the skills that you possess do not match with the job description then it’s a waste of time to apply. Rather you will have to focus on building your capability and better to try on next time. Likewise, you need to be patient with the result. Getting hurry and doing the works in a hurry may fail. So, never lose your hope and keep on trying as we get success if we try rather than sitting at home and waiting for the turn.

American Companies Jobs in Dubai

 Exciting Careers Opening at American Multinational Company in Dubai

Dubai has lots of large and multi-national companies owned by the employer of Dubai as well as the foreign employers. It has become the business hub of more than 150 countries. Since there is a regular flow of people from the world there is a greater chance of doing the business successfully. For this, employers require more numbers of skilled and experienced workers. Thus, they announce large numbers of vacancies to hire potential workers for their company. It is up to you to choose the right job matching all the required formalities.

Some available American Companies Jobs in Dubai can be listed below:-

  • Admission Manager
  • Technician
  • Head of Finance
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Personal Assistant
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Academic Advisor
  • Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Field Marketer
  • Program Coordinator
  • Partner Sales Manager
  • Principal
  • Home Room Teacher
  • Senior Back End Developer
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Data Engineer
  • Handyman
  • Medical Instructor
  • School Nurse

Therefore, you can apply for any of the announced jobs as per your ability. If you want to grow your career working abroad then joining American companies will be a perfect choice. It will aid you with a perfect lifestyle and develop you as an experienced worker. So, take the right step as a single wrong decision might destroy many years of effort.

What is the reason for hiring the Americans by Dubai companies?

Dubai is the workplace for all the nationalities from the globe. Especially the foreign workers are targeted to offer employment in Dubai. There are various reasons for hiring Americans to contribute to a city like Dubai. The first reason can be their experience in the industry. You can find millions of industries in America as the nation is a developed one. The people working in such an industry will have advanced skills and knowledge to run the business. They get required training and workshop too from the world’s reputed personnel. Hence, the experience will surely benefit the companies of Dubai if they hire Americans for their company.

Similarly, the next reason could be the less availability of corruption in American people. Giving the power of ruling the business to any other nationality may invite corruption in the industry. However, Dubai is very strict in its rules and laws but it may be less effective in an industry and may lead the company towards loss. But talking about America, it is least in corruption so selecting Americans in a higher position will let the employer trust them and have peace of mind. Likewise, people believe that Americans are smarter than other nationalities in terms of managing the employees and monitoring the overall function of the management. They are very good at developing and planning business strategies and policies. They implement effective policies for achieving the business goals hence the nation has developed to the next level with the efforts of their people.


the next reason can be their mother tongue i.e. English language. Since there are the majority of foreign employees English language is the second language used by most people for communicating with each other. So, hiring an American will be an advantage as they are proficient in their language and can handle the issues regarding the miscommunication with the language. Finally, another reason is the high-quality education that is offered by the nation to their students. Every year many qualified scientists, businessmen, teachers, writers, architects, etc. are produced by the US Universities. Thus, recruiting Americans will enhance the quality and performance of the industry too.

Conclusion for Exciting Careers Opening at American Multinational Company in Dubai

In conclusion, we can say that working in the companies of Dubai will let you grow your career. Involving yourself with the employers of Dubai will allow you to understand their culture as well as help you to enhance your abilities. Moreover, if you are looking for a job in Dubai’s companies then it is essential to collect the permitted visa for making your landing secured. Otherwise, you will have to bear various problems regarding the search for a job in the new land. So, seek the job and employer prior landing to in Dubai.

Additionally, you will have the chance of getting promoted in the related organization depending on your performance. Various employee benefits will also be provided to the employees working in Dubai. Employers are more concerned about the happiness and satisfaction of their employees. Hence, they offer several benefits and reduce the employee turnover for the welfare of the industry. Therefore, study properly about the city and the employers so that it will ease your survival in the new atmosphere.



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