Find Civil Engineering Jobs In Dubai (2019)

Find Civil Engineering Jobs In Dubai

Civil-Engineering Jobs-in-Dubai is an in huge demand.

Existing infrastructure in Dubai si also constantly getting upgraded and refurbished. Dubai’s government is encouraging a shift in strategy to make Dubai a high-tech hub of investments and technology over the next two decades. As with any competitive industry, getting one of the best Civil-Engineering Jobs-in-Dubai is about being superbly networked, having superlative references, and is qualified and experienced.

Civil Engineers in Dubai are the best in their fields. To compete with them, you need to be technically outstanding. It’s a reasonable expectation of employers to get the best. Considering the amazing pay and excellent benefits that Dubai Civil Engineers get, it’s only fair!

It’s up to you to sell yourself. Dubai has a culture of haggling, and employment details and contracts are no different from anything else. While even base pay rates for Civil Engineers in Dubai are great, with some practice and thick skin you can negotiate a package that is truly excellent.

Getting the best Civil Engineering-job in Dubai

Make sure your technical knowledge is unmatched. Actively volunteer to run seminars, teach colleagues. Get your name on as many programs as possible. Apply to give speeches at conferences. Get your name out into the world. It might seem like only your colleagues will see it, but headhunters and industry recruitment experts will see your name and, trust us, they’ll be keeping notes.

Make sure the records of your training and academic history are in one place. If you are a member of any professional organizations if you have spoken at conferences or had work published, highlight this to prospective employers. National and international recognition will add to your reputation as an employee. Consider putting together a simple web page for yourself using WordPress or Blogger to control your online image. You can also post multimedia showcasing your work more effectively.

Finding a Civil Engineering-job in Dubai

Civil-Engineering Jobs-in-Dubai is increasingly found on the Internet. Construction firms and local Government are constantly scouting for talent. Increasingly they are turning to the Internet to find international recruits. A lot of highly qualified Civil Engineers fresh out of University are young and mobile and have no issues moving to Dubai if the job suits them.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the only Civil-Engineering Jobs-in-Dubai are the ones advertised on the Internet. Quite the opposite, in fact. Like the rest of the world, the advertised jobs are only the tip of the iceberg. Roughly 75% of Civil Engineering jobs in Dubai are awarded without external advertising. Use advertised positions and agencies like the ones on this website to get an idea of what’s on offer, but keep exploring for yourself.

Civil Engineering job opportunity

UAE citizens strongly participate in the Arabic custom of prioritizing long working relationships. And they have a sense of authority and goodwill. It is considered a good form to tell your friends about those opportunities. Those who employ people in your network. And if they are qualified for them, give them jobs. If you are not qualified or experienced, then active networking will get you a job. But if you haven’t got the résumé. So you know that the jobs you offer will have a great impact.

To increase our chances of success, do network deliberately. Contact Civil Engineerings you know in Dubai and ask them for a referral. See if your boss knows anyone or has connections in Dubai. If you’re near to graduating from a University or College, talk to your professors. They will usually have had a lifetime of experience in the field and may know people you can hook up with overseas. Often, top Electrical Engineering students get snatched out of classes by Dubai firms before they graduate!

Contacting people yourself leaves a good impression. Consider contact human resource managers in Civil Engineering firms directly and letting them know you’re interested in working for them. Be genuine, warm, and personable. Make your emphasis on building friendships and contacts rather than exploiting them. Professionals in Dubai have long memories and love to gossip, and you only want the best reputation to spread!

Pay and remuneration for Civil-Engineering Jobs-in-Dubai

As with all jobs in Dubai, pay and remuneration depend a great deal on your ability to sell yourself to the recruiting company. For people coming from a background who are not used to haggling, working in Dubai can be quite a shock to the system, where haggling is normal and expected.

Pay for Banking jobs in Dubai is on the higher end of the global scale. While the base pay is usually excellent – between $100,000 and $200,000 for most civil management jobs, for example – the real bonuses are in the perks that come standard with the work. It is not uncommon to be given a food allowance that more than covers the cost of eating, to have your accommodation organized and paid for, to be given a company car, generous retirement benefits, regular bonuses and more.

Bonuses are often awarded in regular, reliable installments on completion of milestones or over periods of time, and are usually worked out as a multiple of one’s monthly salary.

Civil-Engineering Jobs-in-Dubai

Expect your employers to be relatively straightforward about the perks of the job. They aren’t fools; they want to attract the best talent to the positions as possible. Nobody will be offended if you ask about things like accommodation or food ‘allowances’.

In some instances, companies have been known to not mention them until asked, sometimes months after an employee has started work, and then cheerfully start paying them as though it were no issue at all! Obviously having your rent covered (which can be fantastically expensive in Dubai) is the most rewarding allowance, so do try and negotiate for that if possible.

Depending on your qualifications and experience, your starting salary will be negotiable. Read up on negotiation etiquette in Arabic countries before you start discussions about salaries. Stay friendly, and take the time to sell your skills well. Regular reviews of the payments made to you are appropriate and expected. Between every 6 months and a year is fine.

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