How to get Medical Job In Dubai (2019)

How to get Medical Job In Dubai

Medical job in Dubai are challenging to get but then extremely rewarding. With the opportunity to work in some of the world’s best facilities with cutting edge equipment, a medical career in Dubai will leave you with expertise that is valued the world over. Dubai is the ‘health hub’ for the Middle East and the hospitals and care facilities in Dubai are world-class.


In addition, the salary is excellent. UAE citizens take their healthcare very seriously. And no income tax is levied on high-paying positions. Doctors and medical professionals look very well indeed.


Getting a Medical job in Dubai

Medical job in Dubai is often awarded to the most experienced in a field, with great emphasis being placed on experience and seniority. Having at least 5-8 years of relevant experience for senior positions is nearly essential. For lower-level Medical job, less experience is acceptable if one has recently graduated.  More than other countries, Dubai rewards the highly educated.


Keeping records of your academic excellence and any scholarships or bursaries you have been awarded will help. At interviews for Medical jobs in Dubai, you may be interrogated to a surprising level of detail about your previous work experience.


If you are not a member of institutions or collectives of qualification holders, consider joining. Professional membership is highly regarded in Dubai and will lead to increased working opportunities and potentially being head-hunted by the ever-hungry talent scouts in Dubai.


Work on your Arabic. While it may not be necessary for other professions, having at least passable Arabic skills are going to be vital in getting a Medical job in Dubai. You will need to communicate with other shift workers and doctors, and they will speak Arabic while on-shift. Most highly trained medical professionals will have been trained in English. But lower-level employees may not be fluent, and accurate communication is essential in the medical world.


Finding a Medical Job in Dubai

Increasingly, a medical job in Dubai is listed on Internet job pages. This is because medical and healthcare operators are increasingly looking internationally for the best operators. Many of the websites that list job applications legitimately seem unprofessional and badly put together. Approach regardless, but exercise caution in sending documents. Dubai has strict laws about who is liable for costs like visas and airfares, so don’t get conned by a dodgy operator.


Remember that most job is filled without being advertised to the public. Upwards of 60% of the medical job in Dubai are filled without external advertising. The Arabic traditions of goodwill and long relationships mean that you make contact in Dubai. You will often assume that the two of you have known each other for years, especially if you make it clear that you want to go to Dubai for an extended period.


Remember to keep expanding your network. Dubai is definitely one of those environments where it’s ‘who’ you know just as much as ‘what’ you know. With so many highly qualified medical professionals applying for a medical job in Dubai, managers and decision-makers will often choose the people they know or have had recommended to them over comparably qualified strangers.


Deliberately network with the medical job in Dubai in mind. Keep relationships open, and return favors granted to you. Never close doors or burn bridges. A good reputation takes years to develop and is as valuable as your education.


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