Best way to get HR Job in Dubai (2019)

Best way to get HR Jobs in Dubai

HR job in Dubai has experienced massive growth over the last decade. And show no signs of slowing down. Dubai is knowingly designing itself as a more metropolitan network of job in various high-tech industries. Which is hoping to compete with commercial centers like Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and New York?

HR Job in Dubai

With that in mind, Dubai firms and corporations are determined to attract the best staff to themselves. In order to do that, they want good Human Resources staff to effectively manage to staff and negotiate with outstanding employees. This trend is only increasing as previously parochial Dubai firms are now opening themselves to international applicants in an attempt to attract the best talent.

HR job in Dubai are very well compensated, and with perks and bonuses the norm rather than the exception in Dubai and the UAE, life for a skilled HR worker can be very comfortable indeed. As with any high-paying job, a lot will depend on your qualifications, experience, and ability to negotiate a good package for yourself. Familiarize yourself with Dubai’s unique labor laws so that you’re in good standing when it comes to negotiations.

Dubai companies are rapidly responding to the increasing need for PR and HR representation, both locally and internationally. Organizations in Dubai have previously been able to be fairly insular in their approach to PR and hiring staff, relying on their inherent wealth to overcome obstacles. Now, as Dubai’s market focus opens up, more and more firms are expanding their sights.

Why human resources job in Dubai

HR job in Dubai covers a wide range of areas. Most positions listed for HR staff will involve large amounts of payroll management, headhunting, resolving staffing issues, and negotiating contracts. Contract negotiations in Dubai are unique compared to the labor laws of most Western countries. Because almost every skilled worker is on contractual basis for a fixed period. Culturally, expecting about wages and benefits is natural and natural. And the staff learn to force their argument about the effectiveness and the projects they have assisted with. A strong constitution for people wanting to work HR is recommended!

To reward the ideal employee, HR companies in Dubai offer excellent compensation. And will typically negotiate a wide range of bonuses and perks to produce an attractive package. In addition to your income being tax-free, HR specialists in Dubai company cars on successful completion of a contract. Can look forward to discounted housing, world-class health care and benefits, performance bonuses and a generous severance package.

There is a huge amount of lateral movement in the HR industry in Dubai. Human resources are more inter-connected than other industries due to the interrelated nature of the workforce. Many job never appear in the open market. In firms with managers and directors, they hire directly to people they met and networked with during their time in Dubai.

Experience and qualifications

The best way to succeed in applying for an HR job in Dubai is to stand out from the crowd. Accumulate professional qualifications. Become an active member in professional associations. Make note of any important positions held, publications that you’ve written. Get involved in the HR community in a notable way.

In addition to raising your visibility to headhunters, the experience and qualifications will look good on your resume and give you an opportunity to network. With comparatively few jobs being advertised as opposed to passed out privately, a strong international network of connections is going to stand you in good stead.

Senior HR job in Dubai will naturally be given to people with outstanding records and experience. Expect to be asked for 3-8 years of experience for most significant positions. If you are applying for a junior post. You can sometimes get away with less experience, but competition will be stronger. It helps a lot to join notable successes. So keep a record of the projects that are mentioned in the press or professional publications.

How to get an HR job in Dubai

If you aren’t a member of several HR professional organizations, join immediately. They will add legitimacy to your claims of professionalism and comprehensive knowledge. Professional memberships are highly regarded in the Dubai job market and will give you job leads that otherwise would never have been visible.

Build good relationships with people in Dubai, even if they’re not working directly in HR. You never know when a friendship or even a cordial email will net you an opportunity. HR workers are inveterate gossipers and, if you keep things polite and don’t harass anyone, word will often filter through to the ‘right people’ that you’re looking for work.

Comprehension of not fluency in both Arabic and English is nearly vital for an HR job in Dubai. Most important documents in HR positions are written in both Arabic and English, with the Arabic contract being the default ‘correct’ version for any legal disputes. Considering that a large part of any HR position will involve contractual discussions in some form, understanding Arabic is invaluable.

Pay and remuneration for an HR job in Dubai

Pay and packages for an HR job in Dubai are usually excellent but vary significantly from the employer and with seniority. High-end job in HR in Dubai generally pay significantly more than their effective counterparts in other countries, where entry-level or low-level positions have close to pay equity. With an HR job in Dubai in such high demand, there are excellent prospects for promotions and career advancement.

It is a standard procedure for non-UAE citizens to hire on contract for a fixed amount of time. At the end of those contracts, a second job can be offered or the contractor can be allowed to go. Like the bonus for the employees running in the states, payment of gratuity at the end of each contract is also universal.

Bonuses are often awarded regular, reliable installments on a milestone or period of time, and usually, work as more than one monthly salary.

Job Position  (Dubai)Monthly Salary RangeAction
HR Administrator (Arabic or Filipino) (USD) 2,000 – 3,000Apply
HR Admin Executive  (USD) 2,000 – 3,000Apply

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