Careers in Media Jobs in Dubai (2019)

Media Jobs in Dubai

Media Jobs in Dubai requires training, dedication, sensitivity, and a fantastic approach to grow and manage relationships. In exchange for your skills, you’ll be paid far above international industry rates, and be given vast opportunities to travel, receive generous allowances, and often sneak peeks inside the worlds of closed doors and hidden environments. Dubai, it is a playground for rich, famous, and those seeking to become so, and increasingly, High Wealth Individuals are aware of their media needs and want support staff to assist them in monitoring their image.

Media Jobs in Dubai
With Dubai’s high standards of education and with the constant investment in infrastructure, Dubai is rapidly growing to be one of the word’s hubs of power. With power comes image control, news media, opinion polls, lavish entertainment, highly aggressive networking, and advertising, all of which play into the hands of a qualified, experienced media operator wanting an opportunity to build a career for themselves.

Finding a Media Job in Dubai

Media employers in Dubai have nearly impossible standards. In a country where presentation is paramount, expect to have excellence demanded from you constantly. Strive to meet that and exceed it where possible. As a foreign worker, it’s more acceptable for you to propose novel solutions and experimental approaches, but make sure you can back up your initiatives with results.

The best way to get ahead in the media industry in Dubai is by providing exceptional service and making sure that it’s noticed and appreciated by one’s employer, and then getting regular promotions. Dubai employers are well versed in rewarding their employees appropriately and will appreciate genuine efforts to be exemplary.

How to get a job in the media industry

So how does one find a media job in Dubai? Networking is the primary answer. It’s hard to contact people directly in Dubai if you don’t have a ‘foot in the door’. Because in Dubai, more so than in other job markets, whom you know is vitally important.

Luckily, people in the media are more heavily networked than any other industry. And that always you to get your name out and around almost staggeringly easy. In fact, this can almost work against you if you’re too aggressive in marketing yourself.

There’s a balance between assertiveness and spamming people, err on the side of caution. Make profiles on every social networking site that’s relevant, update them, and add content and non-spamming information as appropriate. Be very ‘friendly’. Reciprocate gestures for contacts worth cultivating.

Always go for personal contact, in person, via a video call like Skype, or over the phone, rather than in just text. It’s too easy to hit ‘delete’ on an email. It’s harder to fob someone off when you can see them in front of you.

Media jobs Careers

Media jobs open quickly and are filled faster than in other industries due to the frenetic pace of work. Don’t expect to land one that’s advertised on the Internet, it’s probably gone by the time you read it. Remember that without networking and contacts in your favor, you’re fighting against literally thousands of other people for every single publicly posted job.

Luckily for readers of this article, we can assure you that networking. That oldest and most valuable of job-hunting skills is alive and well in Middle Eastern cultures. On that, many Internet job hunters do not have the patience and generally savvy the network.

Especially across international borders, and this makes a big opportunity for those willing and dedicated to approaching job hunting in Dubai with some intelligence and perseverance.

Negotiating a Media Job in Dubai

Be humble and eager. Getting yourself established in Dubai is more important than how you’re recognized and paid during your first year of work. Entry-level media positions – assistants, PA’s, gatekeepers, organizers, office workers. Don’t offer as much glamour or fiscal reward as the high-profile jobs.

What you need to bear in mind is that career path, seniority and experience are all heavily expected in Dubai. Everyone starts at the bottom, and how quickly you work your way up is entirely up to you. That said, there’s always some wiggle room to carve yourself a bigger slice of cake if you know how to go about it.

Don’t get hung up on dollar figures. Remember that income in Dubai is tax-free, compensate your demands accordingly. There’s often less wiggle room in monthly salaries as there is in allowances, many of which can be offered as ‘standard’ sweeteners. If you don’t ask about living allowances, accommodation allowances, and company perks, then you’ll never know.

Expect to receive bonuses in return for outstanding efforts, either individually or as part of a team. If you can maneuver yourself into a position where you’re working directly with a High Wealth Individual, you’re in a tricky situation. You’ll have dozens of competitors, hoping you’ll slip up, but HWI’s can be staggeringly generous when you serve them loyally and discreetly. As always, do above and beyond what’s expected form you, and get rewarded accordingly.

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