Medical Jobs Middle East Hospital careers in Abu Dhabi

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Medical Jobs Middle East Hospital careers in Abu Dhabi


UAE is popular as the fastest-growing city in the world. With the support of stable policy and proper leadership, the city can grow in almost all the business sectors. Similarly, there is equal growth in the sector of health service. UAE has seven emirates. Of which Abu Dhabi is also the one. Being potent in all the areas the city is also rapidly moving ahead in the health sector. Numbers of advanced and large hospitals are established for delivering proper health service to their clients. So, if you also have an interest in working in medical jobs in middle east hospital careers in Abu Dhabi then you have chosen the right platform.

The government of UAE has developed its medical facility. Due to which the city has become the favorite and reliable tourist spot for medical service too. The city is not only popular for its beauty and recreational benefits but also equally famous for the best health treatment service. Hence, millions of tourists visit Abu Dhabi for their checkups. Since the employees of hospitals in Abu Dhabi mostly are from different nations the visitors feel comfortable to have the service. Generally, people from foreign land are recruited as the city lacks the number of skilled and experienced workers. Thus, you will find a multi-cultural environment in the working atmosphere of Abu Dhabi.

Therefore, if you have an interest in working with the best medical service providing hospitals.Then Abu Dhabi will offer you the chance to start your career in the medical field. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to build up your career and enhance your skills in the coming future. So, you should find out your interest first and take the right step.

Benefits of working in a medical jobs Middle east hospital careers in Abu Dhabi


Every occupation has its own merits and demerits. It also depends on the thinking of the people. How they take their work also matters hence people prefer working in that company where they can get many benefits and that aids them for their career development too. The main reason behind choosing Abu Dhabi as their work destiny is free tax income. The employees do not have to pay extra tax to the government. They can fill their pockets with the full amount of salary. Moreover, employers also deliver different employee benefits like free airfare, accommodation, food, transportation, annual vacation, health insurance, etc. These benefits support the employers to keep their employees motivated and also help them to encourage for increasing their work performance.

As the employers of Abu Dhabi are concerned about the happiness of their employee’s such advantages are added for their motivation. It also aids in reducing the employee turnover ratio of the company. The relation between the employer and the employee also gets stronger. As they will be working as a team together, they work for the welfare and betterment of the company. The managers also thank their employees for their contribution to their company and offer gratuity fund thanking them for their service. Besides, we have listed some of the benefits of working in a hospital which has been explained below:-

  • Job security

The job in the medical field is considered as one of the stable jobs compared to other sectors. Moreover, in other sectors, the advancement of technology may reduce the number of workers from the company. As technology can run the operation, it also reduces the cost for employees. But relating to the medical area it is not possible to provide necessary care to the patients. It is difficult to understand their needs so there is always a requirement for the workers. It is not possible through the use of machine. Hence, the job is stable and secured and the demand for the workers will continue as per the need and requirement of the hospitals and clinics.


  • Flexible work schedule

You will find a flexible work schedule in hospitals as the opening hours of the hospital is 24/7. As the patients require care and medicines at any time there should be someone to observe them and be available for their service. Hence, experienced employees prepare a flexible schedule. Working in flexibility delivers you with experience of working in a different environment as well as you won’t feel bored performing the same routine. So, if you wish to have your duty in various shifts then applying in the medical field will assist you.


  • Good pay

Generally, the pay scale of the workers working in the hospital has a greater pay scale. The salary also differs from one to another depending on their post and the work experience. It means the experienced one will earn higher than that of entry-level staff. Hence, having a career in hospitals will let you earn more income as well as you can live a quality and standard life.


  • Part of a team

Teamwork plays a vital role in the accomplishment of the company’s goal. Furthermore, working in a team will enhance your confidence and potentiality to deal with the raised problems during the operation. Talking about teamwork in a hospital, a team is scheduled for completing the same goal as you are assigned. Thus, you are not alone there for solving the issues raised. You can coordinate with other team members who are also working to obtain the same result. So, you should not have to feel alone and you are not only there to carry the load of problems on your shoulder.


  • Variance in your day

As you will be encountering new faces each day you will find a new environment in your daily operation. Furthermore, the different patients will have different ailments and behavior so you will have to deal with them accordingly. It means there will be variance in your work performance as well as you should handle the case of several patients depending on their health issues and care needed.


  • Adaption of the latest technology and safe place

Since to reduce the risk of other diseases, the areas of hospitals are always kept clean and sanitized daily. As health is a matter of concern for the hospital employees you can feel safe and there is safety for the patient’s health too. Additionally, the hospitals adopt the newest and latest technologies for improving the health condition of the patients. So, as an employee, you will gain the chance to operate the technology and learn them. Adoption of technology also supports the hospitals to compete in the market and provide advanced treatment to needy patients.


  • Dynamic learning environment

As technology gets changes day by day, you will also have to change your skills accordingly. Similarly, with dynamic technology, it will help you to learn new skills and also boost up your existing skills. So, you can learn the skills continuously which can be used in any other sector too. Gaining such skills will add a plus point to your resume and create a new path for your career enhancement.


  • Availability of additional career opportunities

There is a provision of hiring expertise from outside during the time of vacancy. But relating to the policy of hospitals they hire their own employees who have the capability of performing the vacant job. It means it reduces the extra cost for hiring as well as delivers more opportunities for the existing employees. If you are capable enough and handle the assigned work then you are eligible to apply after the fulfillment of the job description. So, you must not go out for other opportunities if you have potentiality you will get the promotion from your employers.


  • Room for all levels of professional experience

Since the hospitals offer job opportunities to all levels of staff it creates more employment for the citizens and foreigners too. As most of the company only hires the employees with specific qualifications and skills but in the context of hospitals you can have a job even without an experience. However, the position might be lower but as we know experience builds an empire you can upgrade your career starting from the button.


What is the average salary of employees working in a hospital?

Generally, the pay scale of hospital workers is very impressive. It depends on the post and experience of the employees. The more time period they spent in the organization the more income will increase gradually. Some employers may also maximize their income by observing their work performance and ability. Hence, you will gain a handsome amount if you engage in the medical line. Furthermore, the average income of some medical staffs has been mentioned below:-

S.No. Job Title Average Salary(AED)
1. Registered Nurse 117 per hour
2. Licensed Practical Nurse 115 per hour
3. Health care Assistant 60.98 per hour
4. Personal Care Assistant 38.82 per hour

How to get medical jobs with no experience?


You may be thinking about what to do next to get the first job. As we know no one is experienced when they start their first occupation. The experience gets larger with time and you must be a fresher while starting your first job. Hence, we have mentioned here some tips that will be fruitful for you to land a job in a medical career which goes like this:-

  • Identify your skills and experience

If you are worried about the experience before applying for a job then firstly you will have to find out what you possess. Then you should match the skills and experience with the need for the job. It does not matter whether you have gained the experience from the previous job but that should fit the requirement of the published job. So, try to know your ability and fulfill the need of the job and get the occupation.


  • Make your search broad enough

Since there are lots of job titles in the medical field, you should know several titles. It aids you to be broad in various work fields so that you can tackle every challenge and situation that arises during the operation. Do not lose your hope just because you could not meet all the requirements but labor hard and stay focus on your dream goal and try to achieve it.


  • Adjust your approach for each job listing

A resume is the first mediator that allows you to connect with the hiring managers. It lets the reader learn about the applicant and have their overall details too. Hence, prepare your resume in such a way that grabs the attention of the managers. Highlight the skills that the employers are looking for. Furthermore, mention your achievements if any that add a plus point for your resume. Create a resume in a standard format and make it look short and sweet. A lengthy resume may reduce the interest of the recruiter to go through it so make it not exceeding two pages.


  • Get support from your network

In today’s world network has become the most powerful element for success. With the help of your network, you can learn about the job openings and apply for the post. Besides, they may also assist you in being your referees. You can add them up in your resume as a referee so that their connection will benefit you for getting employment in the medical path.


  • Stay positive

The thing that really matters in every employee’s trait is their attitude. Although the employee belongs to button level if they have a positive attitude then no one can stop them from being a success. However, good things take time to come you must not lose your hope and stay positive. As everything happens for a reason you will find a reason later. So, be patient and always be determined for accomplishing your work.

Conclusion for medical jobs Middle East Hospital careers in Abu Dhabi

In conclusion, we can conclude that having a job in the medical field will develop your skills and your personality too. Dealing with different patients will aid to understand the psychology of people and they are behaving too. Moreover, you should not have to go outside the company for promotion or higher positions as the company offers the chance to their own employees rather than hiring the expertise from outside. Therefore, it is up to you to reflect a good impression towards the employers and obtain the chance of being promoted.






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