Oil and Gas Career at Spark Oil Fields Service in UAE

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Oil and Gas Career at Spark Oil Fields Service in UAE

UAE has been developing its business in oil and gas for many decades. Generally, it has more capacity for generating oil and gas from its land. Hence, different mining and oil and gas industries are emerging for the development of the nation as well as the business sectors. For this, employers require more and more numbers of skilled and hardworking employees. A large company cannot function well without the existence of a team of laborers. Therefore, if you are seeking information regarding an oil and gas career at Spark Oil fields service in UAE then this is the right article. It delivers useful details about the career at Spark Oil Fields Service.

Talking about the Spark Oil Field Service, it is the company that assists the oil and gas, petrochemical companies, and their consultants in offering manpower and recruitment services. The company aims to deliver the right person for the right job. It is the most reliable and efficient partner that is loyal to its clients and companies. Similarly, the employers promise to provide and find the perfect meet candidates as per the requirement of the job. They also ensure that the recruited candidates possess the best skills and deploy the suitable candidate for the job. The company aims to maintain the standard of services through the management and control of the systems.

Therefore, Spark Oil Fields Service is the trusted company for the recruitment and manpower services to the needed firms. The hiring managers of the partner companies do not have to worry about the employees as the Spark Oil Field Service is there to support the organizations for the fulfillment of the vacant posts.

Recruitment Section and its procedures

The Spark Oil Field Service has a good connection and relation locally and internationally. Because of this strong network, the company can collect a huge pile of resumes of the candidates nationally and internationally. The company monitors the resume and shortlist the potential and capable candidates only. Moreover, the candidates who are selected for the specific job and company are further delivered to the related company. Each candidate should go through multiple levels of screening and only the best applicants will have the opportunity for the related posts.

Since the other partner companies depend on the recruitment process by the Spark Oil Field Service it is vital to perform the recruitment process properly. The service provider may lose the loyalty of their clients if they hired applicants who are not skilled enough to perform the published jobs. So, it is significant to do the recruitment process accurately to win the heart of all the clients and build up a mutual relationship among them. Concerning the recruitment procedure, the process takes place after the detailed study of the requirement of the hiring companies. The companies take every necessary detail required for the vacant job and seek the best candidate who can perform every job in a proper manner and on a timely basis.

Basically, the employers organize the direct hiring procedure by understanding the needs and requirements of the job and select the right candidate depending on their potential and interest. Lots of resumes are collected by the recruiting company and viewed for the recruitment process. After the observation of the resumes, only the candidates who can fulfill the needs of the company are called for an interview. They provide the candidates with the date, time, and location for an interview.


the managers may conduct either face-to-face interviews with the local staff or virtual conferences for international applicants. The formalities and the final mobilization of recruitment are initiated after the final selection. Likewise, the out team remains in touch with the clients for the progress of candidates during the probation period.

Besides, the employees get recruitment from foreign in case the internal manpower could not meet the requirement of the company. Various sources are used for the national and international selection of the candidates as per the need of the clients. Thus, it is a very challenging job as they will need to meet the desire of the clients by providing them with proficient and experienced employees to contribute to their company.

What are the categories for recruitment?

The Spark Oil Fields Service generally has the following categories for the recruitment process:-

  • Engineering and Technical
  • Marine
  • Managerial and Supervisory
  • Information Technology
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Secretarial and office
  • Skilled and unskilled personnel

Why should you work in the oil and gas industry?

There may be various reasons for choosing a specific job by an individual. One may choose one depending on the pay scale while another may choose to enhance and upgrade in the related field. Moreover, working as an employee in the oil and gas industry offers you several perks and benefits. However, the industry is not long for this world due to the shortages of oil in the land. But you must not panic as you will receive many benefits from various skills and knowledge by engaging in this sector.

Some reasons to make yourself involved in an oil and gas industry can be described below:-

  • Impressive pay scale

If you are the one who admires earning more than the basic during the beginning of their career then the oil and gas industry is the right choice for you people. The average pay scale is very impressive and can be extended depending on your work experience and expertise. Hence, having employment in the oil and gas industry not only raises your earnings but also lets you develop more skills and knowledge.


  • Gain the ability to sell yourself

Working in the oil and gas industry will transfer you with various transferrable skills. These skills can be used in all sectors. Hence, it allows you to join any industry in near future and you will have the capability to sell yourself in the market. Furthermore, when you will be filled with the required skills the employers will prefer you and also offer you more salary and other benefits. Thus, the experience and skills to get employment plays a vital role.


  • Flexible working schedule

Getting engaged with the oil and gas industry will let you work half of the year. Onshore and offshore employees have different work schedules. So, the onshore employees will often have to work a standard Monday to Friday along with weekends off. Similarly, offshore employees will often be working 12 hour days. You will have to work for a period of around six weeks. Though after that you will be entitled to the same six weeks off.


  • Have a choice

Since the industry consists of huge numbers of technicians and engineers, being with them will never make you sit worthlessly. Whether you want to start your career in the next sector, the skills that you have gained will always support you and help in getting employment opportunities in various sectors. It is fruitful for both you prefer operating heavy machines or have the interest in gaining high salaries the oil and gas industry will let you grab the chance and upgrade your career in the related field.


  • Helps to earn big bucks

The salary of the workers working in the oil and gas industry is satisfactory. Depending on the experience and knowledge the income also goes on increasing. You will find many opportunities and steps to climb the ladder in this area. As per the type of work you will get the payment in the oil and gas industry. Hence, you will earn more if you select the industry.


  • More and more tech

Since the industry uses the advanced and latest technology for its daily operation, you will get the chance to learn technological skills too. The industry adopts the top and new tech to have the best results. With the chance of obtaining the information of technology, you will always be adding a new string to your bow.


  • Professional growth

Working in the oil and gas industry supports the employees to grow their careers. The skills and knowledge that you will learn from the oil and gas industry will aid in professional growth. You can use these abilities in other sectors too and enhance your career in the field. The experience gained adds a plus point to your resume. There is also a high chance of getting a job if you have greater experience in the applied field.


  • Travel opportunities

If you are one who likes travel then the opportunity can be offered by the oil and gas industry. During the operation or business work, you may have to travel to different places for dealings. In that case, you can gain the chance of traveling to many places. It also assists in learning the work culture of different places.

How to prepare for the oil and gas interview? ( Oil and Gas Career at Spark Oil Field Service in UAE)

An interview is the last phase of the recruitment process. After passing the interview you will be recognized as an employee of an organization. Since it is the final stage of the selection process you should be attentive enough and practice before the interview. Making the proper preparation before heading for an interview will aid you to receive the opportunity of job employment. Hence, it is better to do the right preparation then only start your journey.

Before heading for an interview the first thing you will require doing is researching the company you are going to apply for. Moreover, your prior information will help you to answer the interviewer regarding the company. You can also visit the company’s official page and learn its current happenings and activities. Similarly, you can also rehearse the commonly asked questions from the internet. It will boost up your confidence and make you able to speak fluently. Since the interview session is an important time to learn about the company and employer you must not hesitate to raise the questions to the managers.

After the right preparation for the interview, it’s time to groom your personality. As the outer look also plays a vital role in leaving a good impression towards the interviewer you will have to dress well. It will be beneficial if you dress professionally and generate a decent look. Furthermore, reaching the venue earlier than the prescribed time will aid in preparing before the interview and you will also get your turn earlier than other waiting candidates. Thus, do a proper study of the related company and practice the frequently asked questions looking at the mirror. It is fruitful to boost up your confidence level and increase your ability to speak in front of the recruiting managers.

What is the average salary of workers working in the oil and gas industry in the UAE? (Oil and Gas Career at Spark Oil Fields Service in UAE)

Generally, the pay scale provision in every company depends upon the experience and the working period. Similarly, in the oil and gas industry also the salary is provided to the employees as per their capability and experience. It also depends on the level of their positions. It means the higher the post higher will be the paying provision. However, people receive a good salary which is higher than in other sectors as the job is quite risky too. Some average salary of oil and gas employees has been mentioned below:-

S.No. Jobs Average Salary (AED)
1. Reservoir Engineer 213 k
2. Drilling Engineer 492 k
3. Petroleum Engineer 313 k
4. Accountant 150 k
5. Project Engineer 106 k
6. Finance Controller 228 k

Conclusion for oil and gas career at Spark Oil Fields Service in UAE

In conclusion, we can say that if you prefer earning a high salary then choosing the oil and gas industry will be the best one. As the job is riskier the pay scale is also higher as per their work. Similarly, moving to the UAE itself is a boon for job seekers as they can earn free tax income. It means they should not pay tax to the government of the UAE. Likewise, other employee benefits like annual vacation, free food, and transport, free accommodation, gratuity pay, free airfare also attracts the candidates to migrate UAE and live there. Additionally, with the increase in earnings, you can live a good and quality life.

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