Pizza hut Dubai Hiring Fresh Staff

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Pizza hut Dubai Hiring Fresh Staff

Dubai is the best place to travel for most people from around the globe. It consists of different large buildings that have food outlets serving visitors and customers. As we know, we all are food lovers and when it comes to the favorite food rarely some people would not say pizza as their favorite snacks. Pizza has become the best food for not only the children but also the adults. There is no age limit for having pizza hence many of the food outlets insert it in their menus. Thus, lots of pizza huts are emerging with the increase in the preference of the clients. So, if you are also wondering to have a job in pizza hut then here goes the right article for you that deliver all the necessary information about pizza hut Dubai Hiring Fresh Staff.

Since it is a service-based industry the main target is to attract the flow of customers and make them happy with the service and food. Pizza hut is one of the most recognizable brands in the world where customers are everything and they are more concerned about their clients. It is necessary to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the service delivered. Furthermore, to deliver excellent service it requires more numbers of employees. Hence, such companies announce vacancies for skilled and experienced candidates. Those who have the knowledge of service and possess good communication skills are eligible to apply for the post in pizza hut.

Therefore, working in a pizza hut will not only help you to upgrade your skills but also allows you to live a standard and quality life. So, you should prepare yourself before starting your journey to your destined place.

How to get a job in Pizza hut?

Dubai is the city where almost a majority of people are from a foreign land. As the city lacks the expertise of people the government of Dubai permits employers to recruit foreign workers. Because of which the English language has become the second language of the people living in Dubai. Moreover, it is the center for doing business for more than 150 countries. It also has the world’s busiest airport in which every day millions of people move from one place to another. As there is a regular flow of people from the globe it is easier to do business. Thus, job seekers from foreign countries admire having employment in Dubai’s companies.

Dubai is the place where every day lots of businesses are having a competition with each other. Due to the tough competition in the market, there is a low chance of getting employment if you follow only one medium for applying. You will need to make effort and also may take a longer time but you must not lose hope and keep trying. Furthermore, to have the opportunity in Dubai firstly you should visit the online job portals and search for the latest vacancies. Such popular job websites publish different vacancies for job hunters. You can apply for the preferred job through such web pages. Moreover, you can also visit the official website of the company delivering employment.


you can take part in the job fairs and events that are conducted near your hometown. Such fairs allow you to get more details about the latest job opening. You can also get direct contact with the managers or send them a mail at their mailing address. Similarly, the network plays a vital role in getting employment, especially in a foreign land. If you have any relatives or friends working in Dubai then you can take details from them too.


They will provide you the real information about the employer and the company too. It will be better if you create your professional profile on the social channel. Since the employers are active on social sites they may observe your profile hence it is vital to post only informational and effective postings.

Therefore, it is significant to be familiar with the social sites and let the employers find you through them. You should also be preparing for the interview as prior preparation will increase the chance of having employment for the job hunters.

Merits of being the employee of a pizza hut


As we all know the employers of Dubai are concerned about their employees, they offer various employee benefits to them. Similarly, the major reason for people being attracted to Dubai is its free tax income facility. The workers do not have to pay tax for the government and they can have it all in their pocket whatever is agreed between the employer and the employee. Likewise, they will have a health insurance facility. Because of this, their stress gets reduced and they can enhance their working performance too. There is a provision of motivating the employees through various advantages. Hence, they get motivated and encouraged for doing the assigned work properly and effectively.

Moreover, the company offers annual free airfare to their staff. They get free air tickets so that they can meet their families once a year. Some employers also allow discounts on hotels or stores for their employees. Using this facility the workers can enjoy the products and stay at a reasonable rate.

Furthermore, an annual vacation is also provided to the selected employees on a turn basis. You can enjoy your holidays traveling to different locations and spend quality time with friends and family. It makes them fresh and away from daily work stress. And when they are back they have active energy with the mood of working efficiently and accurately. So, delivering a friendly and comfortable environment for the workers will always benefit both the organization and the employees.


the employees of Dubai’s companies have the benefit of getting gratuity payment at the end of their working session. It means when their visa gets expired the employers provide them with some amount as a gratuity by saying thanks for their contribution to their company. Some other merits like free food, accommodation, transport, etc. also come under the employee benefit in Dubai. Therefore, if you wish to have the job employment in pizza hut then choosing Dubai is the best option as you will gain respect and value there. Besides, the pay scale is also impressive as compared to other gulf nations. So, you can apply through the proper medium and upgrade your career by doing a suitable job for yourself.

Pizza hut Dubai Hiring Fresh Staff

You will find various positions in the Pizza hut of Dubai. Since it is a service industry the main target is to attract the attention of the customers and gain their loyalty. Furthermore, it is vital to satisfy their needs by understanding their preference. You should deliver them the food of their choice with good quality and hygiene. It will be better if you become available to them whenever they are in need. It also shows your interest and sincerity towards them and makes them believe in your service and product.

Similarly, it will benefit if you do regular interaction with the customers and make sure they are comfortable and enjoying their food. You are also responsible to short out the raised queries regarding the taste and quality of the product or food. As customer’s health is the matter of greatest concern you must be aware of any careless or unhygienic chemicals for making the pizza or other food items. Here are some available jobs that you can perform in the pizza hut of Dubai which is as follows:-

  • Team member

Generally, the job of a team member relates to taking orders of food by phone, preparing food items, making pizza dough, washing dishes, etc. They perform their work behind the service counter in the kitchen. The employee as a team member needs to stand near the high-temperature ovens during the long list orders and may also stand for hours as the requirements. As a part of their duty, they may also lift from 25 -50 pounds of items during the stocking. The salary of a team member depends on their performance and experience. Hence, you can apply for the post if you think it’s suitable for you.


  • Server

A server working in a pizza hut is responsible for welcoming the guests and escorting them to a comfortable place. It is required to take their food orders and ensure the delivery is done on time. Moreover, you should have the proper knowledge of the food items prepared in the store.

It will support you to suggest the guests and recommend them for tasting the chef special. Your duty is to become available all-time for the guests and assist them with payments too. It is important to make sure they are enjoying the service and also take feedback after their meal. Collecting guest’s feedback will aid the management in making necessary improvements and decide the future.


  • Delivery driver

A delivery driver working in a pizza hut delivers the pizza to the customers. It is their duty to ensure that the right order of pizza has been carried for delivery. They should also consider the delivery of pizza to the right customer. Normally, a delivery boy should be 18 years or older and should know how to drive. Additionally, they should possess a valid driving license to perform the job legally. They should possess arithmetic skills and the ability to read the map and find the location of the clients. Besides, they will need to have vehicle insurance and reliable automobile and should be able to deliver perfect service through proper interaction with the customers.


  • Manager

A manager employed by a pizza hut should monitor the overall function of the operation. They should keep daily records of the store, schedule workers, train the crew members, and handle the operation. You should be able to handle the issues if raised during the operation and allocate the manpower efficiently for the smooth running of the operation. You have the responsibility to make the customers happy and satisfied with the service. However, the manpower is allocated for serving but you should also be available there for the customer’s assistance.

What is the average salary of the workers working in pizza hut?

Normally, the pay scale differs as per the post and the experience of an employee. Some employers raise their funds by the evaluation of their performance too. Hence, the salary of a pizza hut employee is satisfactory depending on their post and knowledge and skills.

Job Title Range per hour (in dollars) Average hourly rate  (in dollars)
Delivery Driver $6-$12 $ 9
Pizza Maker $7-$10 $ 8
Restaurant Manager $9-$14 $ 11
Assistant Manager $9-$14 $ 11
Server $3-$10 $ 5
Customer Service Representative $7-$12 $ 9

Conclusion for pizza hut Dubai Hiring Fresh Staff

In conclusion, we can say that having a job in Dubai will never let you sit without work. Since the city is very busy with the arrival of millions of people from around the world, you will always have a busy schedule and sometimes may require doing extra hours too. The employee will be provided with payment for doing extra hours for the welfare of the company. Similarly, the skills that you will gain from your work will be a plus point for you and helps you to gain employment in other companies too.

Moreover, there is job security. The job is demanding in any parts of the world and you can easily get the opportunity even in your home town. Since there are lots of people employed especially from the foreign land you will experience the multi-cultural environment in the workplace. You will also obtain the chance to understand the culture and religion of different nationalities. It aids you to collaborate in a team and perform every assigned task with proper coordination and support. As we know, every business organization is established to obtain its desired goals and the main motive of pizza hut is to grab the attention of many customers and increase their revenue.

Therefore, to work in pizza hut Dubai hiring fresh staff it is necessary to have experience as the employers will offer you essential training and boost up your confidence to deal with the customers. Hence, stay focused on your aim and learns skills so that it will ease you in the future.






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