UAE Newspaper Jobs in Dubai

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UAE Newspaper Jobs in Dubai


Are you the one who prefers reading the newspaper? Does reading a newspaper daily comes under your daily routine? If the answer is yes then it is the best way to find the latest job vacancies for job seekers. If you are planning to go abroad for work and seeking a job opening through the newspaper then you are taking the right step. Moreover, if your dream destination is Dubai and wants to learn about the vacancies in Dubai then here is the writing for you people that will certainly deliver some useful knowledge regarding the UAE newspaper jobs in Dubai. Going through this writing you will be able to find out the published jobs and their details too.

Furthermore, there is lots of newspaper that provides numbers of vacancies of different companies. But the best newspaper for the job hunters is Khaleej Times Jobs. It is filled with the newest job vacancies of reputed companies and where a job seeker can find never-ending opportunities. They announce vacancies for every nationality and all the posts that the candidates might be seeking for. Hence, it has become the popular newspaper that benefits job hunters of the world. It is the most used newspaper by people who are looking for a job in UAE and explore top-class vacancies.

Similarly, it can also be taken as a powerful weapon for the job search. You can reach your goals through the aid of the newspaper and attain your objectives. Likewise, you will get relevant details of the employers which are real and not fake. Since some online portals are fake and provide unreal information about the vacancies you should be aware and check the best site or read a newspaper that posts only real information.

What are the advantages of newspaper recruitment?


Newspaper recruitment refers to the registration of applications for employment in the published companies. Through the details published in the newspaper, you can gain the information of the hiring companies and apply for the preferred position. Moreover, you can also send your CV and cover letter to the noted mailing address and contact the recruiters. Since Dubai is the land of opportunities there are lots of vacancies that are offered by employers to skilled and experienced applicants.

Furthermore, the city lacks the availability of expertise and talented workers the employers hire the employees from a foreign land. This is the reason for a huge migration of foreigners to the dreamland like Dubai. Because of this, the city consists of a majority of foreign employees. You will find a multi-cultural environment in the workplace and diversity in culture. People from the world desire to have employment in Dubai because of its facilities and benefits. The employees working in Dubai are benefitted from various benefits that always keep them motivated and active for the enhancement of their work performance.

Likewise, talking about the advantages for employees joining Dubai’s companies can be listed in numbers. Some of them include free accommodation, food, airfare, annual vacation, health insurance, gratuity fund, free tax income, etc. These merits attract every year millions of fresher and experienced candidates to contribute to the development of the nation. As Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world it has rapid growth in its economy. And for further growth, the government permits employers to hire competent employees from a foreign land. Due to which the people living there use English as the second language. It will be beneficial if you learn either of the languages before heading to the city for job employment.

  • It targets the more experienced audience

Generally, we find the people reading a newspaper of age 40 and over. It means recruiting highly experienced employees publishing the post in a newspaper will help the organization. Additionally, online sites and job boards are fruitful to hire the young talents as they are active on social sites rather than reading a newspaper. Hence, the vacancy in newspapers especially targets the workers with higher work history.


  • An effective method to hire locally

Publishing a vacancy in a newspaper targeting a specific location allows the recruiters to hire the locals of the city. For example, if Dubai has to select the employees from its certain location then it can announce the job opening focusing on the targeted region only. It also reduces the extra cost for employee hiring from a foreign land as locals will get the job opportunity.


  • Newspaper Ads offer greater flexibility

Normally, the company posts their ads in the newspaper as per their budget. The small company publishes ads that are 20 words to minimize their cost whereas if you belong to a large company then you can make it more attractive. You can add a photo, create a design or keep full-page ads to grab the attention of the readers. You might also post the ads outside the classified area to increase visibility. It is beneficial if you are trying to announce various positions.


  • Convenient for job seekers

Newspaper recruitment is more convenient for candidates who are less familiar with the technology. There is no guarantee that all people have access to the internet and use social sites for job search. Hence, those job hunters who are far from the world of technology can get the advantage from the vacancy announcement through the newspaper. It allows the employees to find out the preferred job without using their phones or computer.

What are the disadvantages of newspaper recruitment?

Since everything possesses its positive and negative sides, newspaper recruitment also has its downsides which will make you aware before publishing ads in a newspaper.

  • Very few people read a newspaper

As today’s generation is the generation of technology, most people are active on social sites. Furthermore, they seek everything in Google and get the result. It means that there are only a few people who like reading the newspaper for job finding. You can various job portals that publish the latest and top vacancies from all around the world. So, in the world of technology where everyone is online reduces the number of people being attracted to go through the newspaper ads for the job vacancies.


  • The publishing process can be slow

While publishing recruitment notice through a newspaper can be slow as compared to online postings. Moreover, in a newspaper posting, you will have to inform the publishing company 1 week before and discuss the format, design, price, etc. You also cannot correct the mistakes if in case the phone number is entered error once it gets published. You will have to wait for a week to do the necessary corrections which delay your recruitment process if you are in search of an employee quickly. But in an online posting, you do not have to face such problems as the posting is very fast and mistakes can be corrected whenever you like.


  • Limits the scope of applicants

If you are going to hire the applicants through the newspaper posting then it limits the numbers of candidates as they only publish the announcement focusing on the specific area. It means the newspaper of your location may not be available across the nation. It does not allow the flow of applicants from outside the border and you may lose the chance of hiring skilled and qualified applicants. Moreover, in the case of an online posting, you can connect with the people of the world and get their response in a second. Thus, an online announcement will increase the flow of applicants worldwide.


  • Can say only a few words in ads

Talking about the ads in the newspaper the small companies have a low budget so they only give details for the vacancy. They do not post the job description or any job roles that a candidate needs to learn before applying for the post. It is necessary as the candidates require matching their skills and abilities as per the job requirement. Availability of proper job description also let them prepare well before going for an interview. Hence, the insufficient information about the job will make the candidates confused and may not believe the ads too.

Sample of ads in the UAE newspaper jobs in Dubai

Middle East Group of Companies (9 Nos.)

1) Heavy Vehicle Mechanic (2 Nos.)

 License: UAE valid driving license

 2) Heavy Vehicle Driver (3 Nos.)

 3) Sales Executive (3 Nos.)

 4) Generator & Heavy Vehicle Mechanic (1 No.)

Job Location: Fujairah

 Email CV:

 Contact #050 2209723

 Posted Date: 16th January 2021

Healthcare Center in Dubai (7 Nos.)

1) Ayurveda Doctors

 2) Naturopathy Doctors

 3) Physiotherapist

 4) Front Office Receptionist

 5) Ayurveda Therapist

 6) Sr. Sales Executive (Internal)

 7) Senior Accountant

Email CV:

 What Sapp #056 8380902

 Posted Date: 16th January 2021

You can find many job recruitments in a newspaper if you are seeking a job in UAE. Being the leading city there is enough employment opportunity, especially for foreigners. Additionally, it has become the business hub for more than 150 countries. There is a regular flow of millions of people for different purposes. Thus, moving to land like Dubai will never make you regret starting your journey through UAE newspaper jobs in Dubai.

Conclusion for UAE newspaper jobs in Dubai

In conclusion, we can conclude that the newspaper has become one of the sources or tool for the job hunters for searching the newest jobs of several companies. It allows them to learn about the opened posts and encourage them to apply if they are interested. It is also better for the people who are far from the use of technology and wants to work for their living. Some people may be sitting in their home waiting for their turn to grab the chance and it is the newspaper which can help them to find the right job as per their capability.

However, it is less beneficial than the online announcement as many people are used to the advanced technology at present. But for the people who prefer reading will definitely gain the knowledge by reading it. Therefore, if you are also a good reader and admires reading newspapers then finding a job in a foreign country will be easy and you can apply to the desired destination.


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